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Water Quality Parameter


E. Coli type of fecal coliform bacteria that comes from human and animal waste - the EPA water quality standard for E. coli bacteria is 394 colony forming units per 100 mL.
Nitrates runoff from fertilizer use, leaching from septic tanks, and erosion of natural deposits- can cause oxygen depletion
Phosphorus/Phosphates excess can cause depletion of dissolved oxygen and death and decay of vegetative and aquatic life
Turbidity measure of the cloudiness of water
pH measure of the acidic or alkaline nature of a solution - measures of 6-9 are acceptable levels
Dissolved Oxygen measure of the gaseous oxygen in solution - should be less than 110%

Data related to all of the water quality parameters listed below was not collected at all sites or in all years.

Data Related to

Was collected at

E. Coli, Nitrates, Phosphorus Link Creek, Outlet of Suttle Lake, Metolius River Head Springs, Metolius River Fenceline, Metolius River Upstream of Lake Creek, Mouth of Lake Creek, Camp Sherman Bridge, Allingnham Bridge, Gorge Campground, Jack Creek, Canyon Creek, Lower Bridge
pH, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen Lower Bridge, Candle Creek, Jefferson Creek, Montys Campground

Water Data Variable Definitions

Stream The river or creek from which samples were collected
Location The specific location of samples collected within the named stream
Year The year in which the sample was collected
Month The month in which the sample was collected
Day The day in which the sample was collected
Time The time at which the sample was collected
Analyte The name of the water quality parameter for which the sample was tested
Value The numeric result
Units The units of results if provided
Method The method used to measure the analyte
DL Detection limits if available
DLUnits The units of detection limits if available