Friends of the Metolius is a non-profit conservation organization that serves to protect a legacy of Oregon’s heritage, the Metolius Basin, with its unique qualities of water, forest and wildlife, its diversity, and its spiritual values, for future generations.

To achieve this mission Friends of the Metolius undertakes educational and advisory activities, including the following:

  • Monitors and advises the US Forest Service management activities on the Deschutes National Forest lands within the Metolius Basin
  • Monitors and participates in Jefferson County land use planning for the private lands within the Metolius Basin
  • Conducts interpretive activities to encourage gentle and respectful human use of the land
  • Promotes an informed, positive response to land use issues from its supporters and from the public

More About the Metolius Basin

Members of the Board of Directors

Doug Hancock, President

Dick Kellogg, Vice President

Bret Campbell, Secretary

Kathy Herrmann

Scott Blau

Lorie Hancock

Robert Ohrn

Pete Schay

Debra Sturdevant