Metolius Heritage Demonstration Project Prescriptions

Plot Number Plot Description Size (acres) Vegetation Management Type
1 Larch Restoration 8.2 Uses latest research; includes thinning and mistletoe pruning of larch; possible burning.
2 Commercial Thin 10.8 Retains old-growth esp. ponderosa & western white pine, larch & others where diversity needed: prune for mistletoe. Thinning will be in smaller sized trees less than 20″. Skid tree length to designated skid trails. Maybe winter log. Prescribe burn with protection for snags, old growth and downed logs.
3 Precommercial Thin
4.5 Remove all white fir less than 10- 12″ and ponderosa pine less than 6-8″. Retain all larch, western white pine, Douglas-fir, snags & downed logs. Stack 8′ lengths & seek outlets for material.
4 Prescribed Burn 8.6 Burn with protection for western white pine and larch. Protect snags, logs and old growth.
5 Precommercial Thin
6.7 Retain ponderosa pine greater than 6-8″ and all larch, western white pine and snags. Remove the rest. Protect old growth during logging and prescribe burn.
6 Mow & Burn 3-5 Protect old growth and snags.
7 Turn of the Century 3 Use old photos to replicate what the site looked like at the turn of the century (1900); burn after treatment.
8 Mow 7.8 Mow with intent to keep old growth pine, larch and western white pine.